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We just finished running our first hackathon last weekend: 7 hackers. 48 hours. 1 focus: build.

We just went to Chicago for two days to conduct “intercepts” — man-on-the-street interviews with a wide variety of people about their thoughts & feelings on gift giving. We went spent lots of time in O’Hare so that we could get people from as many different cities in the US as possible.

If you write a “Dear Santa” letter, it won’t make it past your local US Postal Service branch. But, USPS identifies letters from those most in need and makes the wishes available (minus identifying info) to people who want to make someone’s Christmas a little brighter.

Here is a letter from a high schooler who wants to make her mom happy.

The postal service identifies “Dear Santa” letters from people most in need and makes their wishes available to folks (like you) who may want to make a stranger’s Christmas a little brighter.

This letter is from a woman who has too little work to get all her kids and grand kids gifts this year.