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We continue to love the feedback we get from AwesomeBox users and have just put the finishing touches on 3 highly requested features: Instagram photos, multi-photo uploading, & purchasing another copy of an AwesomeBox.

Instagram is the newest place you can go to find the perfect picture for an AwesomeBox card. The Instagram button appears right next to the the other photo options you’re use to. Just select the IG option, authorize, and all your square-cropped, filter-y goodness will be at your fingertips.


Many of you who created solo boxes asked how to add more than one photo at a time. Sheepishly, we had to tell you “you can’t yet.” But that’s all changed with the addition of multi-photo upload. Now you can simultaneously create multiple cards by dragging and dropping photos right onto the AwesomeBox page.


And finally…an answer for everyone who has wanted get an additional copy of an AwesomeBox. You may already know that the digital version of each AwesomeBox remains available online. When you visit next, you’ll see a new link that allows you to purchase another copy. That’s it. Just click it, check out, and we’ll send you another copy.

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More features are on the way in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! In the meantime, don’t let us stop you from celebrating that big birthday, summer vacation, or baby’s first year with an AwesomeBox.