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For Wedding Gifts, Personalization Matters

Wedding Gifts

Image: Rod Ch.’s 80th Birthday AwesomeBox

Weddings have always been a time of celebration, but they’ve changed significantly since the earliest recordings of two people entering into a lifelong contract of love and partnership. Styles (hello, puffy sleeves and ruffled tuxes!), venues, vows, and even laws have all kept pace with our modern tastes—so it’s no surprise that wedding gifts have, too.

Instead of sticking with age-old wedding practices, today’s family and friends are choosing equally-modern ideas—many of which emphasize memories, inside jokes, and lasting relationships.

Changing Wedding Traditions

For previous generations, wedding gifts often meant a way to furnish a new home. Appliances, linens, flatware, and other necessary—though impersonal—items were typically what guests would find on a registry.

However, those times seem to be changing. More and more, brides and grooms are eschewing traditional registries, and instead opting to request more sentimental gifts. According to Sara Margulis, co-founder of Honeyfund (a crowd-funding site that allows wedding guests to register adventures), hotel stays, and other honeymoon itinerary items, more than 20% of couples are now asking guests to help them pay for a memorable adventure.

Wedding gifts

Image: Don W.’s Birthday AwesomeBox

Similarly, Thumbtack, an online service that connects customers with professionals, found that a hot 2016 wedding trend was one which truly emphasized a desire to capture moments, rather than purchase objects; according to their research, “videographers are seeing an 8% uptick in requests for highlight videos, which incorporate personalized messages from guests and are created for social sharing.”

What’s behind this shift away from candlesticks and ceramics and toward cherished memories?

“For this generation, it’s all about simplicity,” says Margulis. Simplicity—and sentimentality. Which means regular wedding gifts simply won’t do any longer. Instead, it’s all about gifts that are deeply personal, exquisitely crafted, and completely unique.

A Unique Wedding Gift For Brides, Grooms, and Everyone Else

In addition to a push for more sentimental, personal gifts, the tradition of who gets a wedding gift is also expanding. Of course, guests are expected to bring a gift for the couple—but they’re certainly not the only recipients of the day. Gifts for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid of honor, best man, parents of the couple, wedding planner, day-of coordinator, and just about anyone else involved have made it difficult to find exactly the right thing.

But we know what it is.

A great, unique gift that friends and family can work together to create, an AwesomeBox makes a perfect for the newlyweds, or from the happy couple to the maid of honor or best man to thank them for all the hard work they’ve put in to such a special day. Parents, grandparents, old friends, roommates, cousins, coworkers, and close family confidants come together with AwesomeBox’s easy-to- use web platform to drop in images and messages which ultimately become a beautiful keepsake.

Collect the photos, memories, and moment that led everyone together on the wedding day, tell the story of how the couple’s relationship flourished, or commemorate the big engagement that the groom enlisted his buddies to help execute. Whatever the tales you’ll tell about the wedding—or the couple, or their engagement, or all of the friends and family who made it happen—turn them into a unique wedding gift that they’ll treasure.

Weddings—for all the planning, all the lead-up, and all the anticipation—seem to happen in the blink of an eye. Almost as soon as the event begins, the twinkling lights are coming down, the couple is off to Hawaii, and the next stage of their life begins. Before it’s all over, invite your friends and family to join you to create a keepsake that’s unlike anything else.