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Celebrate Graduation With A Gift that Marks the Milestones


Image from: Angela L.’s Mother’s Day AwesomeBox

Graduation season is a big deal for students and families alike. This spring, close to two million students will walk across the stage to receive a Bachelor’s degree—and many, many more will don a cap and gown to celebrate achievements ranging from kindergarten certificates to high school diplomas and beyond.

That means millions of parents, grandparents, siblings, family friends, teachers, tutors, and mentors, all crowded into gymnasiums or huddled under tents, fanning themselves in the heat (or possibly trying to avoid the rain)—and all of them are expected to bring a gift.

It’s a centuries-old tradition—the first university graduation was over 800 years ago, but humans have been marking accomplishments with ceremonies since civilization began—and yet, it’s still one we struggle with.

How can we celebrate such a significant moment with something so simple as a gift?

Celebrate Graduation, Not Just Graduation Day

Many of the gifts given on graduation day are meant to mark the moment of graduation—the exact day a person achieved something great. However, that’s not all that graduation is meant to celebrate. It’s a special day to be sure—but above all else, graduation is a time to celebrate an achievement and all of the effort that went into making it happen.

We come together on graduation day not simply to note that a marker has been met, but rather, to reflect on all of the hard work and sweat and determination that brought our graduate to his place. What better way to celebrate the milestones than by compiling them in own beautiful keepsake full of inside jokes, fond memories, and heartfelt sentiments from friends and family?

Awesome Box: The Perfect Graduation Gift

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Shay H-P.’s To Show Her That We Love Her AwesomeBox

With AwesomeBox, you and your loved ones can collaborate to create a graduation gift that your grad will treasure—and that will serve as a reminder of exactly how much they worked to get where they are, and all of the little moments that happened along the way. Invite as many people as you like to collaborate by adding pictures, messages, stories, and memories. Whether it’s photos from her college roommate of an all-night cramming session fueled by pizza or that moment he finally mastered long division under Grandpa’s tutelage, your graduate’s AwesomeBox will capture the steps that lead them from the first day of school to that moment the Dean called their name.

We were told that there’s nothing more special than the moment that an AwesomeBox recipient opens their box to see the love and care that went into creating something that’s uniquely theirs—and never is that more true than on a day that’s meant to celebrate a long road. Even those aunties, sisters, and childhood friends who couldn’t be physically there for the graduation day ceremony can contribute to the box, ensuring that your graduate feels the love and pride from everyone who was there for the journey.

No matter the age of the graduate in your life—whether they’re about to enter the real world, or just matriculate on to the first grade—after they shake hands with an administrator (who hopefully pronounces their name correctly!) and move their tassel, you want to be ready with a gift that will show how truly proud you are. Mark the many milestones that got your graduate where they are with a gift they’ll treasure long after their big day.