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How Lucky Are We To Be Building AwesomeBox?

That a question couldn’t be easier for us to answer. Our AwesomeBox hosts and recipients make it crystal clear to us how fortunate we are. They tell us, in their own words, just about every day:

“I have to tell you that this box, received yesterday, was one of the best gifts I have ever received.  I lost my 36 year old son 9 months ago. April is our birthday month!  My husband’s is 4/1, mine 4/6 and my son’s was 4/17.  Every year, we had a month long celebration, so with this being the first birthday month without him, you can probably imagine the heartbreak I was feeling.  I think I almost ruined the box, the tears just fell and fell onto each card I read.  This box, this gift, let me know that my family and friends are still there for me, that they understood how difficult this birthday would be for me and for that I am so grateful. Thank you, for your creativity, and for the innovation of such an amazing company. Best gift ever!”

-Shared with Lisa’s permission.

Friends and family often ask, “How are things with AwesomeBox?” The answer is never further away than our customers’ personal stories and the impact that AwesomeBox has had on them.

“Things at AwesomeBox are incredible.”