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Make a Unique Mother’s Day Gift (No Glue-Stick Required)


Written by: Hanna Brooks Olsen

As a child, you tried so hard to make Mother’s Day special. Unfortunately, your breakfast-in-bed attempt resulted in a ruined frying pan and a sink full of dishes. And while Mom definitely appreciated the effort that went into that necklace made of Cheerios, it didn’t exactly match her style. Now that you’re an adult, picking a meaningful Mother’s Day gift is just as important—and can feel just as difficult.

Fortunately, as an adult, you have the benefit of hindsight, a deeper and more understanding relationship with your mom, and the internet at your disposal, which means you have the potential to create and give a unique gift that she’ll treasure forever.

To come up with the perfect gift, it’s a good idea to borrow an idea from your younger self and make it better. Even if the execution wasn’t perfect, your handmade childhood Mother’s Day gifts were special to your mom not because they were particularly artful, but because you made them with her in mind. As your tiny fingers sculpted that shapeless lump of PlayDoh, she knew you were making something specifically for her.

How to make a memorable Mother’s Day gift when you are grown-up?

Here’s a secret about moms: While they do love beautiful things, they also love beautiful sentiments. And if you can combine the two? Your gift will be special, unique—and delightful. Yes, a piece of jewelry is always appreciated (particularly when it’s not made of breakfast foods), but what truly makes a memorable gift for Mom is the knowledge that you, her sweet child, were thinking of her the whole time.

With AwesomeBox, you and the collaborators of your choice can create a beautiful, thoughtful gift that will let Mom know how much you care through meaningful words, photos, and memories. Invite her friends, your siblings, or anyone else special to her, and together, we’ll help you build a beautifully-designed piece that will truly make this Mother’s Day a memorable event.

We’ve heard from our customers that there’s nothing quite like the moment that their loved one opens their AwesomeBox. Immediately, they’re overwhelmed with not only the special memories that come with so many long-forgotten photos and kind words—they also feel the warmth of friends and family who spent time creating such a significant item.

You may not have always had the tools (or motor skills) to make your mom the unique, special gift you always knew she deserved—but you do now. This Mother’s Day, take a page out of your old playbook by creating something just for her.