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AwesomeBox Gets New Threads


Welcome to the AwesomeBox Blog! One of our goals is to make it as easy and fun as possible to create an incredible gift for someone special. From time to time, we’ll share some new features that help us do just that. Here’s the latest roundup of items we are really excited to introduce.

More Personalization = More Awesome!

We are now shipping every AwesomeBox with a personalized sleeve that includes the recipient’s name and features a picture from the box.


The top of the sleeve shows a single image from the box, selected by the host, and the bottom is a mosaic of all images from the box. It’s one more way to let an AwesomeBox recipient know that this gift was made just for them.

Facebook Photos? Yes!   

Finding the perfect photo can be a tall order. Flipping through old albums and digitizing images are cool for reminiscing but are far from the easiest ways to find the perfect picture for an AwesomeBox card. We’ve created a completely new integration with Facebook photos. You can choose photos from the Your Photos album or dive into any album you’ve created to quickly find the picture you’re looking for.

Facebook album photos for AwesoemBox Facebook album photos for AwesomeBox

We are thrilled to share the latest improvements to AwesomeBox with you and even more excited about the fact that there is SO much more to come! As always, we welcome your feedback, comments and questions on these features and absolutely anything else.

The AwesomeBox Team