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This American Life 2

DEC 20, 2013


It’s the thought that counts. So true. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not always so clear what that thought was. And sometimes, when it is clear, we wish it wasn’t. This week, during this, the season of giving, we turn our spotlight on the givers and exactly whatever it was they could’ve possibly been thinking.

Host Ira Glass speaks to teenagers at the Arundel Mills Mall in Maryland about something that’s difficult for so many teenagers: finding Christmas presents for their parents. He talks to Kevin and Karyn Delauder and their dad JD, and two other teens, Gage and William. (6 minutes) (by Ira Glass)

Jonathan Goldstein tells the story of Santa Claus, who, after losing his wife, Martha Claus, sets out to find love once again. Jonathan’s the host of podcast/radio show Wiretap, which is heard on the CBC and on many public radio stations in this country. (17 minutes)

Then 19-year-old Larry Daniels at Arundel Mills Mall explains to Ira what he’s bought for his parents in the past, and why he’s never asked them what they want for Christmas. (5 minutes by Jonathan Goldstein)